Advertise With Us!

As a non-commercial educational station, the FCC allows us to run sponsorship ads similar to what you can hear on NPR stations. The ads can give product and service information, contact information (phone numbers, web site and email addresses) and promotional language as long as they don’t give prices or specials over the air.

You can send us commercially produced ads or a script that one of our students can use to record a special ad for you. We don’t have a required time limit but suggest 1 minute ads as the most effective.

For $100/month we will air 12 sponsorship ads each day (360 ads=$.28 each). For $50/month we will air 5 sponsorship ads each day (150 ads=$.33 each) Or for less frequent ads: (1) $5 for a 30 second ad or (2) $7 for a minute ad.

Contact us to send your script or attach your commercially produced ad to Send your check made out to WVKJ Radio or The Kingdom Christian Ministries, 18 Fairwood Dr, Dublin, NH 03444-8320.

If you have further questions call us at 603-563-8120. Looking forward to promoting and blessing your business as you support our ministry.

–Neil R. Sandford, Station Manager